Helping Your Breasts Let Down to a Breast Pump Some moms can attach a breast pump, turn it on, and express milk easily. But for many moms, it takes time for their breasts to become accustomed to the feel of the pump allowing them to release milk easily. Read more
How to Squeeze the Nipple Vent Evenflo Balance + bottle nipples are made of silicone. While this is the perfect, soft material to use for feeding, the nipple vent may “self-seal” on occasion, making it hard for milk to flow. Read more
Oxytocin: The Magic Pumping Hormone One of the hormones released when you breastfeed is oxytocin. Without oxytocin, your milk will not flow. How does this affect pumping? Read more
Switching Breast Pumps Brands Using Brand A breast pump with your first baby and Brand B breast pump with your second is usually seamless. However, switching pump brands with one baby may cause a few hiccups. Read more
How to Use the Controls on Your Breast Pump Breast pumps, like babies, express milk from the breasts. To be most effective, breast pumps are designed to duplicate how a baby sucks. Read more
How to Adjust Your Breast Pump Settings to Get More Milk Research shows that adjusting the speed and suction of your pump to mimic how your baby breastfeeds can help your body respond to the pump and release breast milk. Read more
How to Measure Your Nipples to Find the Best Flange Fit One way to find the best flange size to use while pumping is to measure your nipples. This is particularly helpful if you need to purchase better fitting flanges. Read more
Flange 101 The flange, or also referred to as a shield, is the part of the breast pump held against your breast while pumping. The center part of the flange where your nipple goes is called the tunnel. Read more
5 Reasons Your Breast Pump is Losing Suction Do you want to guess how many times I have answered this question? So, so many times. Which means you are in good company if you have this same question! Read more
The Best Time to Pump When to pump will depend on why you are pumping. Let’s look at three common reasons for pumping, and the suggested timeline for each. Read more
Combining Pumped Milk Have you noticed that the amount of milk you express when you pump varies? Sometimes you might express enough for a full feeding, while other times it might only be enough for a partial feeding. Read more
Why a Bottle Nipple Collapses If your baby’s bottle nipple is collapsing, use this handy checklist so you can get back to feeding your baby. Read more
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Top 5 Reasons Your Baby Loves Breastfeeding Babies breastfeed for food—obviously! But breastfeeding is so much more than milk. Your top 5 reasons for breastfeeding are likely different than your baby’s top 5. Read more
Storing Your Breast Milk “Don’t cry over spilled milk?” Whoever wrote that clearly wasn’t breastfeeding. Read more
Redefining Breastfeeding Getting pregnant is the starting line of the marathon we call mothering. The next several months are filled with excitement, anticipation, and planning all the things. Read more
Mia’s Story | It's Never Too Late To Begin A Breastfeeding Journey Breastfeeding was like a foreign concept to me. I had never known anyone in my family, friends, nor church circle who had any experience with breastfeeding their children. Read more
The World is Yours! So Claim It! From the 25th to the 31st Black Breastfeeding Week (BBW) is at the forefront to help create an environment of breastfeeding awareness with usable tools for Black moms. Read more
Tips For Avoiding Nipple Preference What do you think of when you hear the term “nipple preference?” Read more
When to Introduce a Bottle When possible, wait to introduce a bottle until breastfeeding is going well... Read more
5 Tips for Healthy Bottle Feeding

Strive to make bottle-feeding a happy experience for your baby. Here are 5 tips that promote healthy bottle-feeding...

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Why the Shape of Your Baby’s Pacifier Matters

When selecting a pacifier for your baby, here's what to consider first...

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How to Have a Calm-Gulp Free Feeding Babies feed many times each day. As moms, we want this to be a happy experience for our babies. Helping your baby have a gulp-free feeding is one way to make the feeding calm. Read more
Standard vs. Wide—What’s the Difference? Many mothers, and even some breastfeeding helpers, assume that a baby will have a wide latch on a wide bottle and a less-than-wide latch on a standard bottle. But this isn’t true at all. Read more
Bye Bye Bottle! How to make the transition from baby bottle to cup Babies learn so much as they grow into toddlers. Just like crawling and walking, cup drinking is a skill that takes lots of practice and is learned over time. Read more
When to Move to the Next Flow of Nipple

There are two common views on the subject of when, or if, a baby needs to move to a faster flow of bottle nipple.

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