Advanced Single Electric Breast Pump

Occasional Use Pump

Key Features

  • CLOSED HYGIENIC SYSTEM - PerfectlyPure™ design prevents milk backup and cleans easily
  • PERFECT FIT – Multiple  "velvety soft" flange sizes included because one size does not fit all
  • NO TENSION - PerfectPosition™ design allows you to relax in a slouch-free pumping position
  • COMPACT AND CONVENIENT - Lightweight, one-hand design with easy fingertip control offers quick on/off and customizable vacuum
  • GOES ANYWHERE – Use with AC adapter or 3 AA batteries (batteries not included) so you never miss a pumping session when you are away from an outlet
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  • What's Included?

Super compact, lightweight, and made for one handed use, our Advanced Single Electric Breast Pump is the perfect fit for a busy breastfeeding mom. Designed to prevent milk backup and easily cleaned, the PerfectlyPure™ closed system makes this pump safe, convenient and efficient. With control at your fingertips, you can easily adjust the vacuum pressure and turn the pump off and on. Compact enough to throw in your diaper bag, you don’t have to sacrifice quality and comfort for size.


Just like the our double electric pumps, the Advanced Single Electric Breast Pump accommodates a variety of sizes and shapes with the Evenflo AdvancedFit™ flange system. Plus, this breast pump works with the Evenflo Advanced Milk Storage Bag Adapters, allowing you to store milk faster and reduce milk loss when transferring from collection bottle to storage bag. Perfect for on-the-go, this pump can be powered by the provided AC adapter or 3 AA brand name batteries (batteries sold separately), so you never miss a pumping session when you are away from an outlet.


As an added bonus, we are excited to include the ultimate breastfeeding education with the purchase of your pump. Developed by our partner and leading breastfeeding expert Shari Criso (RN, CNM, IBCLC), you will receive digital access to Simply Breastfeeding™. This full-length 90 minute online breastfeeding class has helped thousands of moms successfully breastfeed and can be accessed anywhere!

Electric Breast Pump

(1) 5 fl. oz. Milk Collection Bottle

(1) 30.5mm Flange Kit

(1) 24.5mm Soft Flange Insert

(1) Cap Ring

(1) Sealing Disc

(1) AC Adapter

Instructions to Access Simply Breastfeeding™ Program

Instruction for Use