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Balance + Wide has a New Bottle Design

By :Evenflo Feeding 28 Sep 2023
Balance + Wide has a New Bottle Design

Evenflo Feeding has changed manufacturing for the Balance + Wide bottle due to the recent limited stock issues. Rest assured, the nipple has not changed! However, the cap ring, hood, and bottle are slightly different. 

Here's what you need to know:

Old Packaging                                        New Packaging

Bottle:   solid butterfly logo                      Bottle:    outline butterfly logo
              molded volume markings                           printed volume markings

Cap Ring: plain / no logo                         Cap Ring: frosted logo on outside of ring

Hood: limited frosting                               Hood: extended frosting


The nipples are the same and are interchangeable between old and new design.

The new cap ring attaches to both bottles. The old cap ring can only be used on the old bottle. Some parents have found it is easiest to assemble bottles with correct cap ring and hood after they dry. This will prevent leaks, and make feeding time more enjoyable.

The hoods are not interchangeable. The new hood must be used with the new cap ring, and the old hood must be used with the old cap ring.

We apologize for the temporary confusion, but look forward to keeping products in stock for all families.