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How to Maintain Your Advanced Single Electric Breast Pump

By :Amy Peterson 12 Sep 2022
How to Maintain Your Advanced Single Electric Breast Pump

It is normal for pump pieces to lose elasticity and wear over time. Soft silicone, moving pieces need to be replaced more often than hard plastic pieces. How often parts need to be replaced depends on many things: how often you pump, the temperature of water you use when cleaning your pump, what type of bottle brush (if any) you use, how often you sanitize the pieces, the type of sanitation method you use.

To keep your pump working at its best, take care to replace specific pieces at the first sign of wear. How will you know it’s time? Suction may feel different, you will pump less milk than expected for two or three pumping sessions in a row, or it will take longer than normal to pump the same amount of milk.

Keep spare parts on hand so you can replace pieces immediately rather than waiting for parts to arrive in the mail.

Part Pumping for occasional use
Membrane 2-3 months
Diaphragm 3-6 months
Valve, and Flange (hard, non-moving pieces) 6 months