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How to Adjust Your Breast Pump Settings to Get More Milk

By :Amy Peterson 07 May 2021
How to Adjust Your Breast Pump Settings to Get More Milk

Many double electric breast pumps have adjustable speed and suction settings. Ideally, these settings can be controlled individually. This means you can find a suction you like, and make the speed go faster and slower without changing the vacuum, and vice versa.

Research shows that adjusting the speed and suction of your pump to mimic how your baby breastfeeds can help your body respond to the pump and release breast milk. Using the settings to match how your baby breastfeeds makes pumping more like breastfeeding.

But let’s be real. Pumping does not feel like breastfeeding. And most moms don’t want to snuggle in for a long pumping session.

As a lactation consultant who works with lots of pumping moms, I have found a simple way to speed up the pumping process for a lot of the moms I support. In visiting with other lactation consultants, they are finding the same results with many of the moms they work with, too.

This one simple hack may help you achieve more milk in less time! Who doesn’t want that?

It won’t work for every mom, but why not experiment with one pumping session and see if this helps you get more milk in less time, too?

  • Turn your pump on to stimulate a letdown.
  • Once your milk lets down, increase the suction to strong yet still comfortable.
  • Leave the speed on the highest setting throughout pumping. (If you happen to use a non-Evenflo brand, you can duplicate this by hitting the letdown/massage/stimulation button repeatedly throughout pumping to keep the speed fast.)

That’s it! A super simple pumping hack that may help you get more milk in less time.