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Top 5 Reasons Your Baby Loves Breastfeeding

By :Amy Peterson 04 Jan 2021
Top 5 Reasons Your Baby Loves Breastfeeding

Babies breastfeed for food—obviously! But breastfeeding is so much more than milk. Your top 5 reasons for breastfeeding are likely different than your baby’s top 5. What would your baby have to say about it?


Babies love to suck. We know from ultrasound imaging that babies suck in the womb before birth. Breastfeeding fills this desire.


Sucking not only feels good, but it is the one thing a young baby has control of. A young baby can’t hold his head up, can’t grasp things with his hands yet, but he can choose to suck or stop sucking when he is finished. Breastfeeding gives baby this control.


Breastfeeding involves all the senses: touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing. Your baby is snuggled up, touching you during breastfeeding. The perfect distance for your baby to gaze at your face is from the breast. Babies breathe through their nose while eating, giving your baby lots of opportunity to smell you. Your baby tastes your sweet milk. Your baby hears your voice and heartbeat, familiar sounds from the womb. How comforting for your little one!


Breastfeeding requires interaction with mom. No one else can breastfeed your baby. Insisting on staying latched to your breast ensures that you will hold or lie close to your baby. You are your baby’s favorite person, and will be for a long time. What a smart baby to figure out how to stay close to you.


Breastfeeding makes everything better. Thirsty? Breastfeed a little. Hungry? Breastfeed a lot. Tired? Breastfeed and doze off. Scared? Breastfeed and be held. Who knew one simple act could solve so many problems.