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How to Squeeze the Nipple Vent

By :Amy Peterson 08 Sep 2021
How to Squeeze the Nipple Vent

Evenflo Balance + bottle nipples are made of silicone. While this is the perfect, soft material to use for feeding, the nipple vent may “self-seal” on occasion, making it hard for milk to flow. Thankfully, there is a simple way to avoid this.

Before you assemble the bottle and attach the nipple to the ring (collar), take a second to squeeze the vent.

Where is the vent?

Flip the bottle nipple upside down. You will see a tiny semi-circle protruding from the nipple base. The vent is a small slit on the top of this semi-circle.

Squeeze the vent

There are two ways to squeeze the vent.

  1. You can grasp the outside edges of the tiny semi-circle. Squeeze your finger and thumb together (SEE VIDEO BELOW); or
  2. Place your finger and thumb on the outside edge of the bottle nipple, making sure they are in line with the semi-circle. Squeeze your finger and thumb together.

What to look for

Using either method, you must see the tiny slit on top of the semi-circle open briefly. This ensures the vent has not self-sealed so milk will flow properly. 

After you squeeze the vent, assemble the bottle, add milk, and you are ready to feed.

Video of the vent opening