Toddler Feeding

Zoo Friends Convenience Sippy Cup

9 Months +

Key Features

  • Secure lid helps reduce spills
  • Smooth lip for easy drinking without lid
  • Wash, Reuse and Recycle!
  • BPA Free
  • Product Description
  • What's Included?

Evenflo Feeding’s Zoo Friends Convenience Sippy Cups are washable, reusable and recyclable and conveniently sized and priced. The secure lid helps reduce spills. The rounded lip makes drinking comfortable even when lid is not used. Each cup has a different Zoo Friends scene with a visual story line wrapping around the whole cup making mealtime come to life!

Zoo Friends Convenience Sippy Cups and Removable Lids


  • Size: 10 fl. oz.
  • Assortment: 10 fl. oz. size available in 3 pack and 6 pack
  • Colors: Green lids with jungle designs
  • Compatibility: Distroller Convenience Cup