Replacement Membranes

Adult Use Only

Key Features

  • Works with Evenflo Manual, Single Electric, and Advanced Double Electric pumps
  • Tinted membranes = easier to find
  • BPA Free
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Have you noticed your pump not working as well as it used to? Take a minute to check your membranes! Missing or worn out membranes will dramatically affect your pump's suction. This 6-pack of Evenflo Replacement Membranes contains 6 silicone BPA-free membranes. The membranes are tinted to make them easier to find during use and while cleaning. The extra membranes work with all Evenflo pumps, including your Advanced Double Electric, Single Electric, and Manual breast pumps. Help maintain the efficient performance of your breast pump - keep a pack of replacement membranes on hand so that you never have less than a perfect pumping experience!

Replacement Membranes


  • Assortment: 6 pack
  • Compatibility: Evenflo Manual, Single Electric, Dual Electric, and Advanced Double Electric Pumps

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