The Affordable Care Act and breastfeeding

How does insurance work with the ACA?


The law only requires that a breast pump is covered. This means that the plan decides if you will be covered for a manual, electric, or hospital grade breast pump. Your plan will also set a specific reimbursement maximum dollar amount impacting what choices are available to you. 


Therefore it is important that you find a participating provider that has a comprehensive offering of breast pumps from several manufacturers so you can find the breast pump that best fits your needs within your financial parameters. This provider should provide insurance verification service where they can guide you on your insurance coverage and potential out-of-pocket expense. 


What if you want a breast pump that includes extra accessories, but your plan rate is too low to cover the full cost? Better Living Now’s insurance verification team will verify your insurance coverage and calculate what the additional out-of-pocket expense would be for you to obtain the breast pump of your choice. To obtain the breast pump that includes extra accessories, also known as a premium item, you would continue through the Advanced Beneficiary Notice Process.


Keep in mind the ACA requires coverage for breast pumping. This means, when required under the law, your plan may have to cover the breast pump for feeding your infant. It does not require coverage of carrying cases, cleaning supplies and other accessories.


Preferred Providers


Better Living Now (BLN)

Founded in 1992 and located in Hauppauge, Long Island, New York, BLN is dedicated to providing high quality healthcare products at discounted prices and high quality customer service that works hard to assist you with managing and improving your health. BLN delivers the products you need efficiently and discreetly, directly to your home. BLN is a supplier of health care products, programs and services designed to meet the needs of healthcare benefit-eligible patients with chronic medical conditions. BLN provides a comprehensive approach to servicing your healthcare product needs by integrating our mail order medical supply program with our JCAHO Accredited Home Medical Equipment Delivery, Setup and Maintenance Program.


How does Better Living Now work with insurance and the ACA?


Better Living Now is a National Participating Provider for most insurance plans providing breast pumps to all 50 States and the US Territories.


BLN always offers models covered in full within your plan’s guidelines. This does not guarantee you a zero out-of-pocket expense. That is determined by your insurance plan coverage. Coinsurance and deductibles may apply. It is always recommended to contact your insurance plan first for your coverage guidelines, but keep in mind this must also include their actual reimbursement rate. Because if you want a $400 breast pumping kit and your plan only reimburses $170 dollars, then you will be required to pay the difference between the $400 and the $170, PLUS any coinsurance and deductible amount required by your plan on the covered $170.


The process for approval and shipping a breast pump can be a trying process that involves paperwork and a delicate coordination between your insurance provider and a supplier to insure all paperwork is properly collected and that products remain in stock for fast and convenient shipping options.


One extra added benefit of working with a preferred provider like Better Living Now is that they simplify the insurance verification process. BLN will contact your insurance company and health care provider for you to collect all necessary paperwork and works with Evenflo Feeding on a daily basis to ensure breast pumps are in stock and ready for shipping.


BLN does not want their expectant mothers to have any surprises when it comes to buying breast pumps and will have constant contact with you throughout the insurance verification process to let you know if you will be covered 100% or if you can expect an out of pocket expense and the status of your order.


Even if you do not have insurance or your insurance company is out of network with BLN, you can still receive a breast pump through BLN’s purchase or rental programs.


Another extra added benefit of getting your breast pump from BLN is that they have a highly specialized department (New Beginnings Group) of dedicated staff experienced and knowledgeable in the breast pump models and insurance benefits of most insurance plans. They are available for any questions you may have regarding products or your benefits.


What does BLN have to offer?

As the preferred provider for Evenflo Feeding Breast Pumps and Accessories, BLN offers a full line of Evenflo breast pumps, bottles, cups, nipples, pacifiers, sterilizers, cleaning brushes, extra caps, nursing pads and more. BLN also offers Evenflo Value Packs. If you’re a new mom and would like the opportunity to save money and try different bottles/nipples all at once then this is the deal for you! BLN has five value packages from Evenflo: The Breastfeeding Accessories Value Pack, The Glass Bottles Value Pack, The Bottle Trial Assortment Value Pack, The Advanced Angled Bottles Value Pack and The Classic Bottles Value Pack. Each pack comes with a different variety of bottles and nipples.


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What is the Affordable Care Act?


The Affordable Care Act is a health insurance reform that requires most plans to cover the cost of women’s preventative health services, such as breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling. Pregnant and postpartum women now have access to comprehensive lactation support and counseling from trained providers, as well as breastfeeding equipment, including breast pump.