101 Guide: Advanced Single Electric Breast Pump

By: Amy Peterson, BS, IBCLC of BreastandBottlefeeding.com Friday, 01 April 2022 05:00 PM Single Breast Breast Pump Evenflo

Here is a quick checklist to ensure your Advanced Single Electric Brest Pump is working properly:!

  1. The valve and teal membrane should be attached to the bottom part of the flange.
  2. The diaphragm, the piece that looks like a little medicine cup, should be seated in the back of flange before you attach the motor.
  3. Set the top part of the motor on the top part of the diaphragm, then pull the motor down firmly. This helps the motor “click” into place. If you don’t feel and hear the click, put your thumbs on the underside of the flange and wrap your fingers around the back of the motor and squeeze.
  4. Check that the motor is attached correctly by turning on the motor. The diaphragm should be squeezing and releasing. If it isn’t, leave the motor ON and reattach it, squeezing your fingers from the back of the motor toward your thumbs on the underside of the flange again. When you see movement of the diaphragm, you know the motor is on correctly. Turn the motor off.
  5. Check for flange fit before pumping. The flange needs to closely match the size of your nipple. Your areola should not be sucked into the flange tunnel. If your flange is too big, you will pump less milk. Learn which size is best for you here.
  6. Stimulate a letdown before holding the pump to your breast.
  7. When you are ready to collect milk, hold the pump by the flange itself. Your fingertips will help ensure the flange has a good seal on all sides of your breast. Hug the flange in tightly while pumping. Do NOT hold the pump by the motor or bottle—this can cause the motor to detach during pumping.
  8. Use the highest comfortable suction level.

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