Working Moms

Creating a checklist for pumping at work


A checklist for pumping at work will make things a lot easier and ensure that you’re not forgetting anything. There is nothing more important than having everything that you need with you as to not interfere with being able to pump out your milk while away from your baby.

A checklist will be able to help you to keep track of the supplies that you’re going to need to bring with you to work, and also what you will need to leave with your baby. Start putting that together about one to two weeks before you start work again, so if you’re missing anything you have time to go ahead and purchase what you need. Then use the checklist every evening and every morning to keep you organized and reduce the stress of forgetting something.

Start with your own supplies. Make sure that you have properly washed and cleaned all of your pump parts and bottles thoroughly and allowed them to dry the night before. Be sure to put your freezer packs in the freezer the night before as well so they will be frozen and ready for you in the morning.

Pack your bag with your pump, your AC adapter, extra batteries, all of your pump parts and extra pump pieces like replacement valves and diaphragms, or whatever your pump requires for operation. You don’t want to not have your pump work because you are missing one little valve.Pack your cooler bag and put your frozen ice packs in that you froze from the night before.

Some additional things you may want to bring would include extra storage containers or bottles to store and transport your milk home in, a small towel, a picture of your baby or a piece of your baby’s clothing with your baby’s scent on it, your nipple cream, breast pads, and even a manual hand pump to keep with you as a back up just in case anything should go wrong with your pump while at work and anything else that will make pumping more comfortable and easier for you.

Another important thing to consider is what you will wear. Purchase nursing bras or clothing that are not only appropriate for your work, but also gives you easy access for pumping. Dresses that you have to pull all the way up, may not be your ideal choice for obvious reasons.

There are special nursing shirts and also regular shirts blouses that are easy to lift up or open that make it easier for pumping. These are some things that you might not think of but are really important and useful when you are actually there and doing it. You may also want a hands free nursing bra, which makes nursing at work so much easier and convenient, or some kind of a nursing cover for even more privacy.

Whatever you decide to put on the list is up to you beyond the obvious basic equipment, but make the list and keep it handy so you’ll not put yourself in the stressful position of not having what you need when you need it.


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