Types of Breast Pumps

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As you are deciding on which to breast pump to purchase, understanding the different classifications of pumps will make it easier to know which one is right for you.

Buying a breast pump is an important decision as this will be the way that you will feed your baby, this is why it is important to be sure you are choosing the right pump for your pumping needs.

There are essentially three categories of breast pumps. They are hospital grade pumps, every day use pumps, and occasional use pumps.

Hospital grade pumps are breast pumps that are typically rented or loaned to you by a lactation consultant, or another business that rents medical devices. These are very effective pumps that are primarily used when mom needs to be separated from her baby and is exclusively pumping her milk and not breast-feeding at the breast. Such as in the case of babies who are born premature or sick, and may need to stay in the hospital longer than mom… Or for the mom who is unable to breast-feed for some other reason. These pumps are meant to be shared from mom to mom, while the collection kits are individual and new. For most moms who are either doing every day or occasional pumping, this type of hospital grade pump will be usually more than what they need.

The next type of pump, is the pump for everyday use. This is the pump that you will want to purchase if you are returning to work full-time and will be pumping your milk while you are working. These pumps will give you the option to pump one or both breasts at the same time, work efficiently to reduce your time spent pumping, will give you more options on speed and suction control, and are meant to be used up to four or more times per day. Most of these every day double electric breast pumps, will come with accessories that you will need to make your pumping experience easier, like carrying bags, extra storage bottles, and coolers with ice packs. If you are returning to work and even if you are not but want the most effective efficient pump you can purchase, even for your occasional needs, this is the category that you will be looking for.

The third category of breast pumps is the occasional use pump. Two different kinds of pumps will fall into this category. They are the single electric breast pumps and also the manual breast pumps. This category of breast pump may be right for you if you are only going to be pumping occasionally… Once per day, or working part time, as many moms can find this type of pump more difficult to express breast milk efficiently and quickly.

For some moms, the occasional use pump is the right purchase to start with, get through the first few weeks of breast-feeding, establish their milk supply, and then decide if they need a more expensive, double electric pump. You may also find it convenient to have both the everyday pump and the occasional use pump as both will serve different purposes.


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