Features to Look For When Buying a Pump

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When buying a breast pump, there are several features that you want to keep in mind and look for. Beyond the type of pump for the price there are features within the pump that you want to be keeping in mind.

Here are the three most important features to look for in determining the functionality of the pump.

First, you’ll want to pump that will allow you to have multiple flange sizes. The flanges are the cups that go over your breasts and will be in direct contact with your body. Different sizes are important in order to correctly fit your nipple into the hole properly. Of course everyone has different sized breasts and nipples, and not one size will fit every mom. Even for the same mom, she may require several sizes flanges throughout her pumping year as her breasts change size and shape. There is no real way to know what size flange you will need until you can actually try it on and use it. If the flange size is not the proper fit, you may have difficulty expressing your milk and you may feel discomfort while pumping. Purchase a breast pump that either comes with different size flanges included or gives you the option to purchase them separately.

The next thing to look for in a breast pump, are two separate controls for suction and speed. More settings and the individual capability to control speed and suction will give you the most customized experience while pumping, and allow you to maximize your breast milk production using the least amount of time. So when choosing your breast pump look for a pump that has a control for suction and a control for speed, and has as many settings as possible. A pump with 32 settings will be better than a pump that has only five or 15 settings. For every day electric breast pumps that you will need for returning to work, you also want to be looking for a pump with a CPM (cycles per minute) of between 30 and 60 which will more closely simulate the way your baby will nurse at the breast.

One of the most important things to look for in purchasing your breast pump is the ability for you to clean it and have it stay clean! You want a pump that will be easy to clean and one with a “closed” system. What I mean by a closed system is that there is a barrier between your breast milk and the tubing for the pump itself.

Double electric breast pumps can either come with an open system or a closed systems. With an open system, milk can either splash or sucked into the tubing where it cannot fully cleaned out. This can require a lot of work to keep your tubing clean and still run the risk of bacteria, mold, or viruses growing within the tube itself. This contamination can make it back into your pump and you will not be able to clean this. With an open system, milk can transfer into the tube and pump, contamination occurs, and the same contamination can then affect your fresh breast milk. Your breast pump is an investment that should function properly, stay hygienic and safe, and be able to be put away for your next baby if need be.


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