Starting Solids While Breastfeeding


At six months or shortly after, your baby will start to eat solid foods or baby food, and so your baby's daily need for breast milk will start to go down. At this point solid foods will start to take the place of your milk for your baby during a feeding, not in addition to it..

I remember with my own children the first six months were always the hardest because it was all me. I either had to be home for the feeding or leaving enough pumped milk.

Then at six months when they started to eat solid foods, If I didn’t get home in time, somebody could feed my baby with baby food which was wonderful. Oh my goodness, it opened up a whole new aspect of breastfeeding where it really took the pressure off of me having to be the only one feeding her. And so the second sixth months of the year really became the easy six months.

So when I talk to moms and they’re like, ”I’m going to try to do it for six months and then I’m going to stop.” I always think “why would you stop in the second half of the year?” That’s when it gets easy. You already made it through the hardest part.

If after six months, when they are eating solid food, you’re finding that you’re having a hard time getting enough milk during the day by pumping, you can save the meals of baby food for your day care provider to feed. This way they’re eating most of their solid meals during the day and getting most of their breast milk in the evening and night directly from you. A whole other way to do this!

At this point, the solid food meals are going to replace a nursing session. So if you have been nursing 8 times a day until this point and now you’re feeding your baby 3 meals, the amount of nursing will usually decrease to 4 -­‐ 5 times per day.

It really does get so much easier and remember, if they’re going to be in day care, they’re going to be around other children, sometimes sick children, so it’s important for them to continue with breast milk and try to give it to them as long as possible.


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