Meet the team

We are moms and dads too!

Evenflo Feeding, Inc. is an organization made up of experienced nurturers - mothers & fathers, sisters & brothers, aunts & uncles, and grandparents. We are dedicated to understanding the real challenges parents and children face and work to solve them in everything we do. We are honored to be part of your journey in parenting. We pledge to our mission and belief that ALL moms and babies deserve innovative feeding solutions that are safe, practical, effective and affordable!

  • Elaine-Bobbey.png (1)

    Elaine Bobbey President

    Elaine was previously the hosiery buyer for a department store, and also the leg model for their newspaper ads. She can “out-shop” just about anybody. Her friends usually beg for mercy while she is still going strong. She started sewing at 11 years old and made everything – clothes, home accessories, needle work – until she added “mom” to “wife” and “executive.” But she still took the time each year to make her daughter’s Halloween costumes. She had to decide on her costume in July so Elaine could sew during the slow season!
  • Elise-Ring.png (2)

    Elise Ring Senior Director of Marketing

    Elise's nickname, given to her at birth, is Ellie. She has hundreds of photos of her little girls sleeping. She looks at them when she is feeling overwhelmed. Elise is also silly... like really silly! She loves making people laugh.
  • Lauren-Block-Baby.png

    Lauren Williams Brand Manager

    Lauren loves all competitive sports but her true passion is baseball. She has played the game since she was 4 and a half years old, and continue to play on a recreational team. She even met her husband on a coed softball team. She and her husband are avid zombie fans. They love the TV show Walking Dead and watch it together every Sunday. Their favorite holiday is Halloween and have a habit of keeping some of their decorations up all year round, like a rubber doorknob cover that is shaped like an eyeball.
  • Sarah-Madison.png (1)

    Sarah Stephens Brand Manager

    Sarah has been an avid skier since she was 4 years old and now enjoys competing in NASTAR races every season. She also loves to travel and has been to 22 states, 12 Caribbean islands, 3 countries in Europe, Canada and Mexico.
  • Dana-Clark-Baby.png

    Dana Clark Marketing Coordinator

    Dana has a passion for old things - furniture, vintage toys, decorations - and even though she doesn't go very often, she loves attending auctions to see what she can find. She presented a wreath at the tomb of the unknown solider during the changing of the guard ceremony. Dana also spent many years as a travel agent.
  • Marie-Tashijan-Baby.png

    Marie Tashijan Director of Sales

    Marie is a mom of a 91 year old daughter (In dogs years). She has traveled to 46 different states with a goal to visit all of them. She also loves spicy foods. Thai hot is the only way to order.
  • Danielle-Paulson-Baby.png

    Danielle Paulson National Account Director

    She love sports! In high school she played volleyball, softball, tennis, and basketball. Now her sons have inherited her passion for sports. They play hockey, baseball, golf, soccer, football, basketball, swimming… and would play more if time allowed! Danielle also enjoys big toys, such as boats, jet-ski's, ATVs, snowmobiles, and the adventure they bring!
  • Tanja-Tyner-Baby.png

    Tanja Tyner Independent Sales Representative

    Tanja is the daughter of German immigrant parents and spent almost every summer in Germany while growing up immersed in the culture. She speaks German fluently. Tanja also enjoys the outdoors and spends a lot of time camping, boating, and riding sand rails in the sand Dunes.
  • Wen-Tilgman.png

    Wen Tilghman Marketing Analyst

    The summer she graduated high school, Wen was Wyoming’s Junior Miss and competed in America’s Junior Miss (now called Distinguished Young Women). Prior to business school and career switch to retail, she was a local TV news producer/reporter. Wen also has a twin sister!
  • Teri-Exner-Baby.png

    Teri Exner Marketing Analyst

    Teri is a storm chase and every Spring, she and her dad drive all over the plains and Texas looking for tornadoes. Her and her husband also have 5 acres of land with a horse, 14 hens, 3 roosters, 2 cats and 2 dogs. They've raised chicks in the house and even sat with them on the sofa so they can watch TV!
  • Wade-Halma.png

    Wade Halma Director of Product Integrity

    Wade loves to water ski. He started when he was 8 and was done it ever since. In the first 7 years of his career he lived in 5 different houses. He also has a first degree Black Belt in Taekwondo!
  • Carl-Castenson-Baby.png

    Carl Castenson Engineering Manager

    Water is his solace. Throughout school he was a competitive swimmer and has spent a lot of his adult years as a competitive sailor. Someday, he hopes to own a house on a lake. He also loves playing games (board, card, video, you name it…) He is pretty competitive, so he has to use some restraint when playing with his children – they have to win sometimes too!
  • Mike-Dressman---Stock-Photo.png

    Mike Dressman Senior Director of Operations

    In his spare time, Mike is an assistant swim coach at a local high school that has won the last 6 Ohio Division I state championships. He is an active tri-athlete and competes in 2 to 3 triathlons per year. Mike also loves to ski, both water and snow!
  • Amy-Hamilton.png (1)

    Amy Hamilton Demand/Supply Chain Analyst

    Amy's favorite season is spring that means the winter months are over and she really dislikes winter and snow. Her lucky number is 8.
  • Lisa-Debord.png (1)

    Lisa DeBord Key Account Coordinator

    Lisa loves trivia and would love to go on Jeopardy someday. She is a proud mom of a ten year old daughter and says it is the best thing she have ever done. One of her favorite hobbies is reading and dreams of being a famous author someday.
  • Omar.png (1)

    Omar Gutierrez Finance Director

    Omar loves all kind of sports. His favorites are soccer and basketball and he plays them on a regular basis. His passion is his family.
  • Lesa-Wilson.png (1)

    Lesa Hammer Senior AP-AR Analyst

    Lesa is an avid gardener and preserves her harvest for the winter. Her favorite past time in the summer months are Sunday drives in the country in her Corvette with the top down.
  • Sandy-Colgate.png (1)

    Sandy Colgate AR/Customer Service Analyst

    Sandy has German, Irish and Scottish bloodlines. She has 4 brothers and sisters and a half sister. They all grew up in Ohio and still live within 25 miles of each other. When she was 17 she broke her collarbone racing bikes with her younger brother. It is the only bone in her body that she has broken.
  • Paul-Khloe-Baby.png

    Paul Klohe Forecasting Business Analyst/Accounting

    In 2010 Paul won a contest to throw out a first pitch at a Cincinnati Reds game. His daughter wanted to be the one to catch his pitch, but she took her eye off the ball when she saw her and her dad on the big scoreboard in left field. In high school, Paul spent a month in Nepal with his uncle who lived in Kathmandu and was a Jesuit missionary that taught in a school for poor children. While there, Paul spent six days trekking in the Himalaya’s, catching a distant view of Mt. Everest.
  • Jack-Tamplin-Baby.png

    Jack Tamplin Human Resources Director

    Jack loves motorcycles and, on the right occasion, speed. A couple of years ago he spent an entire day in Jolliet, Illinois, at a small racetrack with his son-in-law racing high performance Chrysler vehicles. Jack is also close to finalizing and hopefully marketing his first board game. His objectives are to develop a fun board game for youths as well as adults that includes an educational element.
  • Lana---Stock-Photo.png

    Lana Shapiro Accounts Payable Clerk