For over 90 years...

Evenflo has been a worldwide leader in the development of innovative infant equipment and is now one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of high quality baby care products. Evenflo’s feeding division began as a company that solely distributed baby care products. It was originally incorporated in 1920 as the Pyramid Rubber Company in Ravenna, Ohio.

Infant feeding nipples were the principal product of the company until 1935 when patent rights for Evenflo’s nurser unit were secured. From 1935 through World War II, the Pyramid Rubber Company was the only manufacturer marketing standard nurser equipment featuring the first nipple that didn’t have to be pulled over the mouth of the bottle, but could be held in place on the bottle with a cap. This distinctive nipple was designed with a SURE SEAL© ring which kept the nipple from being pulled from the bottle. This signaled the start of broad scale distribution for the Evenflo line of feeding equipment.

For almost a century, parents have trusted Evenflo Feeding products for the comfort and care of their children. Because of its commitment to ensuring better care for every baby by offering products with premium features at an affordable price, Evenflo has become one of the most highly recognized and trusted brand names in America.