Amy Campbell Photography A note from our photographer:

As a mom of two little ones myself, my most valued possession are my photos I have with my children as they change so much every year. Since I have become a mother, I have grown so much as a photographer and now fully comprehend the bond between a mother and child. I have been photographing families and children for over eight years now and it is so fulfilling to capture those special moments between parents and children.

Evenflo is such an amazing comprehensive brand for the mother who wants the best for her baby. They know having their product in the hands of real parents and their babies is the best way to communicate their message that moms and dads love their products!  I know how overwhelming it is find the right breast pump or the sippy cup that your baby will actually use. Evenflo has already done the research with real families, so when they approached me about doing real life photos of families using their products, I was so excited!

If you love my work, I’d love to photograph your family or work with your brand to create amazing imagery featuring your products.

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